The Kings Swimmers is the definitive training camp for anyone wishing to achieve their dream.

This camp should be on every channel swimmer’s training checklist. I went on The King’s Swimmers camp in April this year, I needed to obtain my 6 hour open water qualifier for my channel crossing booked for July.

Not only did I get an opportunity to complete two 6-hour open water swims (something that I haven’t seen available when looking into other camps) but I received expert coaching, go-pro surface and below surface filming and analysis to optimise my stroke, a night swim (imperative as a lot of a channel crossings start in the dark), seminar presentations on feeding and nutrition, tides and the variety of long distance swimming challenges available worldwide.

If you have a channel crossing or a big swim coming up this camp is a must as part of your training, if you don’t but you are passionate about open water swimming I would highly recommend it. The expertise, personal experience and knowledge on offer from the coaching team is second to none, have you seen who they are? It is clear from day one that safety is paramount but with the level of knowledge and expertise available you are able to push yourself as far as possible in your training knowing you are in safe hands. Aside from what is clearly an exceptional swim camp The King’s Swimmers provide breakfast and lunch each day, the location and accommodation has been researched well, it is perfect, clean, comfortable, plenty of hot water and self-catering so you can prepare as many bowls of pasta of an evening as you require, there are plenty of amenities for groceries within a couple of minutes walk. I spent hardly any money once I had arrived at the camp. Once you have booked really all you need to do is get there and swim, everything else is taken care of. All of the coaches are on hand and exceptionally approachable – there was a level of camaraderie in our camp that was really special and as nice as we all are I genuinely think that that kind of attitude filters down from the top and can be attributed to the coaching staff. I am in their debt.


April 2018

After years on different swim camps, becoming a channel swimmer in 2014, and knowing the King of the Channel for years, I learned that he and his swimmers built their own Menorca long distance swim camp. Eager to see what differentiated this camp from other’s I took before, I arriving at Arena del Castell April 3rd 2018. I immediately liked the location. Then, what actually happened during the swims exceled my expectations by far. Costal swims including a six hours swim on day three of the camp, swim technique advice in the pool that transformed into better performance in sea swims. I’m happy to share that my hourly swim performance measured by Germin increased in few days significantly: 15% faster while using 15% less strokes, same heart rate. Thanks to Kathy, Phil and Kevin.

Next year I’ll be back for more…


April 2018

I learnt so much during the Menorca swim camp. Doing the English Channel qualifing 6hr swimming along the coast was beautiful. Lovely clear water. Around the light house you were able to see down below to the white sands.


April 2017

Kathy and Kevin displayed boundless energy, organisational skills and tact when coaching our eight 16 year old girls to swim the English Channel in two 4 person relays and an 8 person relay who swam Lake Geneva.

Their motivation and passion for swimming was inspiring and transformed the eight separate girls who hadn’t met before into a very close winning team. Kathy and Kevin went way beyond the duty of what a regular coach would normally do.


Team Manager, ChaCha Team

I met Kevin Murphy, King of the Channel, in 2016 at a swim camp in Mallorca. His inspirational teaching, advice and support set the course for me to achieve a lifetime ambition to swim the Channel. Kevin Murphy’s mentorship through this year has been crucial to my training. Dark moments hit me during my solo swim. Kevin’s words resonated in my mind and kept me focused; “Just keep swimming; you can and will do this, Parviz”. After 19 hours I eventually landed in France. I had done it!

Parviz Habibi

Having been on many swim camps – I found this matched or exceeded all expectations. Accommodation was superb, the coaching team were incredibly supportive, experienced and above all they created a sense of fun and a bond between all of us on the camp.

If you are looking to improve your technique, increase your distance and have a long swim then I would highly recommend swimming with The Kings Swimmers.