Kevin Thinking

Kevin Thinking

Coaching Programmes


The winter months can be a lonely and frustrating time for open water swimmers who long to get back in the sea or lakes but can’t due to the temperature but it is a time that can be put to good use by training in the pool and organising your future swim.

We are looking to run 1 and 2 day camps that will motivate you, advise you on how to select your pilot, crew and helpers – and guide you in making contact with the right team to make the experience of your big swim one to enjoy and not to dread.

During the winter months we will strive to make your swimming enjoyable but prepare you for the mental, physical and emotional journey you face for whatever challenge you have set yourselves.

This can also be achieved by Skype calls, designing a pool programme to suit your needs and general mentoring to help you achieve your end goal.