Are are two regulatory organisations for Channel swimming?

Yes: The Channel Swimming and Piloting Federation and the Channel Swimming Association Ltd.

I want to swim the English Channel. What should I do?

Your first step must be to book a boat and pilot. 

How do I book a pilot?

We are closely allied with the CS&PF and contact details for their pilots are on the CS&PF website www.cspf.co.uk/pilots. You should ask them about their availability in the year you wish to book.

They are self employed and do their own bookings.They are often heavily booked but remember that there is usually a good reason why a pilot is popular with swimmers.

When do I send in my paperwork for the English Channel crossing?

In the January of the year of your booking you will be sent the forms to register your swim with the CS&PF. You will have until April 30 of that year to submit them. 

Do I need a medical to swim the English Channel

Yes: You will need a medical form which has to be completed and signed by your doctor in the calendar year of the swim.

How much does it cost to swim the English Channel?

The CS&PF fees to register a solo swim are likely to be £325.

The boat and pilot is likely to cost you in the region of  £3000

Do you have to qualify to swim the English channel?

Yes: A solo swim you have complete a swim of at least six hours in a water temperature of 16c or less. For a Relay you have to complete a swim of at least two hours in a water temperature of 16c or less.

That has to have been done during the 30 months before your Channel attempt and details must be submitted at least 14 days before the attempt takes place.

Can I wear a wetsuit?

Yes, you can wear a wetsuit on the camp. (if you are swimming the English Channel your swim will not be reconised)