Dover 2020

One Size Doesn’t Fit all
when it comes to training after
Covid 19 Lockdown


Already this summer we have taken swimmers from less than 1hour to 7 hour and 6 hour back-to-backs while maintaining safety and social distancing.

Our swimmers will be ready for the main event when restrictions on Channel swimming and other swims are lifted. Are you?

We offer advice, coaching and training plans AND we are continuing with our one-to-one training in Dover. That’s one swimmer per one coach and we can oversee swims of up to ten hours


A week of 1-1 training in Dover

That means seven days a week we can offer coaching and individual training programmes tailored to what swimmers need as they contemplate swims which might be just days or weeks away.

Our guides don’t just talk the talk. We have done the swims. We have more Channel swims between us than any other group and we have conquered many other endurance swims throughout the world.

We look forward to seeing you. We look forward to inspiring you. We look forward to you inspiring us by going beyond what you thought you could achieve.  Swim the dream and conquer.


  • Kevin Murphy, King of the English Channel, King of the North Channel plus many more
  • Kathy Batts, English Channel solo and 18 relays, Catalina Channel plus many more
  • Ian Muir, English Channel x 3 and our kayaker in chief