Ten swimmers went in. Ten swimmers were counted out at the end, all having done six hours in a temperature of 15.2c.  Nobody even wanted to pull out. That’s a first for us and very inspirational to see swimmers going way beyond what they thought were their limits.

It was week two of our Menorca open water swim camps and the first of the two six hour swims which we include in the itinerary. A trip out on boats in bumpy seas proved that it was too rough for a coastal swim so it was done in the bay at Arenal d’en Castell.

Barry Murphy has been a pool swimmer and proved something of a speedy revelation so Iain Johnston had competition at the front. Barry has a Channel swim booked this year. Iain is going next year after having been weathered out the last two years. Conny Prasser was a dark horse, a little way behind Barry and Iain but on the last two days of our swimcamp she showed that she was more than capable of staying alongside them. We wish her well in her two-way swim in the Baltic, Germany-Denmark-Germany.

Russian swimmer Natalia Tchouitch made the wise choice not to attempt the six hour swims just one week ahead of taking part in the SCAR swims, four lakes in four days in Arizona

Vicki Carter came to us in Scotland last year and completed six hours in Cullen Bay. She did it again in Arenal d’en Castell, here in Menorca, and was voted by her fellow swimcamp-mates as the most improved swimmer of the week. I was delighted to present her with a King’s Swimmers Trophy.

Ever smiling Anouk Emmert had a Channel swim booked this year but had had to postpone it because of her university studies but that didn’t stop her joining the swimcamp and completing six hours just for the hell of it.

Sophie Ryan nearly made it across the Channel last year but had to pull out close to France with torn ligaments in her arm. It was a delight to see her back this year with her arm in good working order and completing the six hours. Alex Lock was a last minute recruit to the swimcamp and was testing a sore shoulder. Six hours later the test was a conclusive success. George Gill was even more last minute. On holiday on the island he rang to ask whether he could join the six hour swim but was only expecting to do a couple of hours. He is taking part in a wetsuit swim/run event in the Scilly Isles this summer and should find the swimming part a piece of cake after completing the six hours in a wetsuit at Arenal.

Anke Hoehne is one of those swimmers who goes on for ever at a steady pace and there was never any doubt that she wouldn’t make the six hours. The same goes for Janet Myers who first came to us a couple of years ago wanting to swim two hours and ending up doing six. This time she was back to do her six hour assessment swim for a Channel attempt.

Barry, Iain, Sophie and Vicki also did our second six hour swim at Cala Galdana just two days later – another triumph making it 26 hours of swimming during the week.

Barry, Natalia, Vicki, Sophie, Alex, Anke and Janet have Channel swims booked this year and with our swimcamp behind them, we look forward to their success.

Marc Newman’s stroke correction clinic – following Ian Muir’s Go-Pro session in the pool at White Sands, Arenal d’en Castell – provided some valuable tips and all in all the four guides judged it such a great success that we’re wondering whether there is a appetite for another Menorca camp in October. Feedback would be welcome.